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Firriato Cavanera Etna White

Firriato Cavanera Etna White

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Carricante, Catarratto

Cavanera Ripa di Scorciavacca is a Cru Bianco Etna DOC which contains in its intense and refined bouquet the scents and complexity of a unique terroir in the Sicilian wine scene, the Etna volcano. From the harsh winters of the high mountains and the luxuriance of the vine grown in the full sun belt, an elegant Firriato white wine is born, the result of the union of Carricante and Catarratto, a single vineyard subject to meticulous attention due to the privileged microclimate it enjoys. The "young" soils are particularly fertile due to the presence of a high concentration of nutritional elements which, combined with the agronomic practices of defoliation and promotion of the vigor of the vines, give a strong and balanced character between acidity and softness and a potential for extraordinary longevity.

COLOR: Intense straw yellow with green reflections.

SMELL: The enchanting intensity of its aromas is offered in clear olfactory evolutions with hints of yellow country flowers, broom and acacia, combined with fruity notes of white pulp, apple and ripe peach. No less important are the nuances of aromatic herbs. Sweet and infinite, it shines with elegance and body. Aristocratic, pure, it stands out among the great whites of the high seas.

PALATE: The charm of its mineral essence is unparalleled. Splendid for its stylistic rigor which stands out for its power and roundness. The enveloping sphericity of the imposing structure is an absolute distinctive sign, so much so that it makes it an archetypal volcano wine.

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