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CDC White

CDC White

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The Sicilian Bianco C'D'C' is a wine capable of expressing not only the grace of the types of vines used, Grillo, Chardonnay, Catarratto and Inzolia, but also and above all a great territorial adherence, which in tasting is revealed thanks to a 'obvious Mediterranean and citrus note which influences the aromas on the nose. Delicate saline notes also emerge on the palate which take us back to the southern coasts of Sicily, where the vineyards that give rise to this label are located, with which Baglio del Cristo di Campobello confirms its excellent quality levels.

The C'D'C' Bianco wine originates from a blend in which four vines contribute to the final blend with the same percentage. These are Grillo, Chardonnay, Inzolia and Catarratto, varieties that grow at a height of approximately 260 meters above sea level, sinking their roots into soils characterized by a mainly calcareous subsoil. The soft pressing of the grapes is followed by a cold decantation of the must. The subsequent fermentation takes place in steel containers , where the wine remains to refine for 3 months even during refinement. After bottling, the Baglio del Cristo winery in Campobello lets the product mature in the bottle for another two months before marketing it.

The C'D'C' Bianco di Baglio del Cristo di Campobello is a wine which, in the glass, presents itself with a straw yellow colour, with a good chromatic intensity. The wealth of aromas that opens up to the nose tells of a Mediterranean soul, embellished with more citrus touches and light hints of spices and flowers. In the mouth it is light-bodied, slim and agile, with a sip that moves on one savory and fresh texture . A label from which all the beauty of Sicily emerges, which is really difficult to resist.

Color : Intense straw yellow

Perfume : Hints of Mediterranean herbs, spices, yellow flowers, fleshy fruits and citrus fruits

Taste: Savory veins, refreshing and delicately subtle acidity

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